For sale - Peugeot 306 S16
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    Default For sale - Peugeot 306 S16

    We have a í95 306 S16 for sale, located in Castlemaine Vic.

    I bought this car from David Cavanagh at French Connection in 2010. Itís Sigma blue (MONQ) with the half leather/blue interior.
    After purchase I fitted a replacement engine with new belts, idlers, water pump. The replacement engine was reputed to have around 170K km and to have had a recent clutch. A lot of work was carried out at the time to get a RWC including a new screen, front struts, seat belt, brake pads etc.
    Iíve been running it as my daily driver since then with only local country running around Ė I love it, the responsiveness is great. My fleet includes a Porsche 911 and a Citroen SM, yet I usually choose to take the S16. 150 hp in a shoebox, how much fun can you have for this much money.
    A few weeks ago the starter motor started playing up, finally wouldnít crank. I replaced the starter and now it cranks but it wont start as there is no power to the fuel pump. I have spent some hours trying to figure out why, and now Iíve given up. Itís probably simple but I canít crack it. The engine will run if the fuel pump is hot-wired.
    The engine is strong, the gearbox is great, the interior is OK, and tyres (Yokahama C-drives) are good. It comes with the original motor, a spare gearbox (VTS BE3), and 3 boxes of spares. It's just had a new ignition switch and oil, air and fuel filters.
    The clearcote on the roof and bonnet is stuffed.

    No RWC or registration - $1000


    PM for phone number.
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