3 X 505's FOR SALE
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    Default 3 X 505's FOR SALE

    Greetings Froggers. There are 3 "experienced" 505's for sale in a shed outside Gympie
    in the Sunshine state. I had a brief look at them recently and have
    2 or 3 photos I can email to interested parties
    The owner Bryan has turned 80 and no longer has the energy to
    devote to restoring or resurrecting these vehicles.

    1. An '85 wagon, 3 spd Auto has done about 350,000 kms
    registration expired in Jan 13. Appears to be relatively corrosion free.
    with quite acceptable paint condition overall
    Needs 2 rear tires and a doover that initiates the glow plug
    warming. Asking $1500.00

    2. '86 turbo diesel. Manual.This vehicle had an incident at 280,000 kms
    which required a motor rebuild. Bryan spent $8k having it rebuilt
    and has added another 280,000 kms since. Last registered in 09
    it has some corrosion issues.
    The 2 main points are at the bonnets leading edge and at the front
    bottom of the passengers side door. The paint is shot and there is
    evidence of corrosion in spots which will take more than a brillo pad
    to clean up.
    Both these vehicles are started every couple of weeks....


    3. 85/86 GTI Auto 350,00 kms approx. Purchased to be a donor body
    for the above as the body appears to be in good to very good condition.
    Asking $1700 for the two sedans.
    For further details etc contact young Bryan at 0413 220 177

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    The prices are now adjusted downwards in order to encourage a "rescue"of these worthy machines.
    Asking $1400 for the 2 sedans and $1200 for the wagon.
    PLEASE feel free.... to contact Bryan if you would like more information.

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