I had a look at a 94, 306 yesterday. (Looking for a learners car for the eldest son).

Well...its a bit of a dog....


The heating pipes have been cut, (I would guess the under dash heat exchanger is U/S).
A few dents, (nothing unusual there).

More worryingly I got the impression quite a number of the connections had been "tinkered" with.....that in itself for a Pug of that age is not that strange unless you were told that it was purchased from a Queensland used car dealer as a private sale...WTF?????....some time not that long after the Queensland floods.

Do I smell a rat...perhaps....do I smell a dog....yes.

A parts car only and a not very expensive one at that...no one to go back on the road.

I feel sorry for the guy selling it, (he bought it off his EX-Girlfriend, drove it for a while, until it ran out of rego last year and it has sat idle since). I don't think he has any idea of the boat anchor he is trying to sell.

So have a look by all means...but you have been warned.

1994 Peugeot 306 N3 S16.

1994 Peugeot 306 N3 S16