As part of my on-going journey of discovering life without anti-depressants, Iím de-cluttering. If you want the full story, you can read about it on my blog here:

It has become clear to me that the only way I can have things done to my car(s) properly is if I do everything myself. Seeing as cars are a hobby, not a life-consuming passion, this means that maintaining one car is more than enough. I must minimise the things that take me away from my purpose on this planet. Everything except the 505 is at my parentís place in Plenty. All offers considered.

Iím not going to part things out Ďcause I just need to simplify. So, hereís what Iíve got:

1986 505 N9Te Factory Peugeot turbo engine.
Comes with wiring loom which I have sorted and labelled, computer modules, engine mounts, front ARB, Front crossmember, airbox, intercooler, BA10/5 gearbox and NEW clutch assembly (Fits V6). I have also blown up to A0 size a wiring Diagram and have printed and bound a number of sections of the Peugeot factory manuals for this gear. So you can have all that too!
Engine and gearbox are currently sitting in the 504 listed below, so it definitely fits! Can remove from 504 and sell separately, but would prefer not to

1970 504
White with green interior, early french seats. Drove nicely before I pulled the engine. Originally an 1800, but engine and gearbox arenít available. I have removed the front panels and rubbed back, rust neutralised and painted the engine bay. Rust in passenger side bottom of windscreen. Definitely needs paint.

Moroon SII 505 GTi Manual. Build 85, compliance 86
It has the larger fuel filler collar which I have been told means itís one of the leaded ones? The air-con has been pulled out. the interior is in fair serviceable condition, with a couple of cracks in the dash. Wheels are in reasonable condition with a lot of tread left on the Bob Jane all rounders. Still drives beautifully. Currently at my brotherís place in Wattle Glen.