CitroŽn CX 2400 Pallas 5 Speed F/S BNE
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    Default CitroŽn CX 2400 Pallas 5 Speed F/S BNE

    Ever heard the selling line, "I really have too many cars and not enough space?" Well that's me in a nutshell.

    I am beginning a cull of the collection starting with this 1980 CX 2400 Pallas 5 speed which is painted in gold.


    I bought it from a deceased estate just over a year ago from the Gold Coast. It was serviced for its two previous owner by Ian Steele of Just Cits and in my time by John Walton at DS Motors, so you could safely say it's been repaired by two of the finest CX-friendly mechanics on the east coast.

    Let's talk points:


    * Strong 2400 carby motor (mercilessly towed a trailer many a square meter of GS and DS parts in recent months)
    * Door trims done over in fabric which matches the hood-lining (kind of like that Peugeot 504 baby poo colour)
    * Clock works, as does all of the electrics
    * All the spheres have gas in them which make for a soft ride and none of that excessive clicking under the bonnet
    * Goes through the gears quite easily once you know how the gate works
    * Registered until the 25th of February in QLD
    * Year old battery and front tyres. Back ones are more than legal, too
    * Starts easily and enthusiastically
    * No leaks from under the car
    * Delta Mags
    * Reasonably tidy patina-wise for a CX with this kind of price-tag. Painted by a retired panelbeater a few yrs ago.


    * Rust bubbles beginning to form along the bottom RHS corner of the windscreen
    * Bottom corners of some of the doors are showing bubbles also
    * Gearbox mount shows sign of wear in 5th at times
    * Needs a LHS CV joint replaced
    * Front seats have seen better days
    * Interior cantrail on the LHS needs re-applying
    * Heater box melted due to blockage

    Like I said among the points, it's currently registered but am selling it unregistered and I won't be renewing it. So if you'd like to know how it drives then you'd need to see the car before it expires.

    The car is located in the northern suburbs of Brisbane and is available for inspection during reasonable hours.


    No Paypal, no Nigerian bank transfers, Western Union or any of that silly stuff. If you're texting me from your oil drill off the coast of Australia and need a car for your expectant wife then this isn't the car for you.

    Tel: 0410 787 010

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    Now on EBAY with bids starting at $1.
    1972 SM
    1989 BX 16 Valve

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