Hey guys!,
I'm selling my beloved 405 Mi16 2.0L, It was the top model when it came out so it has all the mod cons like leather seats and seat warmers electric windows and a sunroof.
It comes with no rego but with a RWC, in the past year just before I stopped driving it it had this work done to it:
new lower engine mount, s/h sub frame bolt replaced, left hand steering rack boot, new front and back shocks, new front shock dust boot, new front bump stop, rocker cover gasket, two new back tiers, new outer boot kit, new left hand drive shaft, s/h wheel hub, new gear oil, new front and back break pads, front and back disc rotor and the disc machined, power steering high pressure hose repaired, new drivers side electric window motor and a full service. I have a collections of receipts as proof and my local mechanic that did all the work is Sims motors in brunswick so feel free to call and ask about the car.
Over all I have spent $4600 fixing this car as I wanted to do it up and keep it, from what I understand the 2.0L are hard to come across in Australia expescially the top of the line ones. It has a new stereo with mp3 and Ipod cable support.
It comes with no rego because I just stopped driving it, I got a 2007 lancer and so my pug just sat there.
The car is not in amazing cosmetic condition, the paint on the roof has faded and there are dints in the bonnet and side doors, the trim on the sunroof is coming off and some one clipped my side mirrors so they dont sit in the hub properly but! and this is where the deal gets a little better, it comes with a 405 SRI (that runs and is working but also has no rego and wont have a RWC) so any body damage that it has or gets, there is a replacement on hand and no mechanic can screw you and charge extra because its hard to come across, same with smash repairs!
I bought the second 405 pug as a spare for a grand last year so I could strip it for my Mi16 but never found the time. Im pretty sure to get a RWC for it it just needs a new break light as the old one is smashed.
I love this car and its a great little pocket rocket with 155bhp off of 4cl so its a good little machine.
So im asking for $2500 with a RWC for the Mi16.
My names Pete and you can get me on 0414311077 and we can talk or i can send you some photos.