G'day all,

A mate of mine currently has his series 2 mi16 up on ebay.
Its one of the good ones. The previous owner spent about 6 grand on it, including a brand new exhaust system (including a hi-flow stainless steel cat), brand new radiator (that alone was over 500 bucks), brand new tyres the list goes on! It as a sunroof but no leather (but the seats are really good). It also has slotted front rotors.

My mate bought it with the intention of re-regestering it and using it as his first car, however he now needs to buy contact lenses which are sending him broke and he must sell the car.
When he got it the previous owner needed a hip operation and was told he wasn't aloud to drive a manual anymore, (this news nearly killed him he loved the mi16). Anyway just before my mate took possesion of the car the dash loom rubbed through on something under the dash and arked out. I have since completely replaced the whole dash loom, which consists of removing the dash (horrible job) the car runs absolutely perfect now. Has a really good engine and a very smooth gearbox.

It's not quite back together yet but will by the end of the auction.


He really needs $1500 to cover his costs but will let the auction finish.

It will need barely anything for RWC and isn't registered.