F/S Peugeot 406 Coupe Manual 2000 Melbourne
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    Default F/S Peugeot 406 Coupe Manual 2000 Melbourne

    Hey Guys and Gals,

    Sadly its time for me to part with my coupe after owning it for 3 years, I am selling it as I am about to get a new car which will do the long cruises and i also have a locost (caterham type thing) nearly finished in the shed so basically too many cars – thus the low price as I need to stop the place looking like a car yard! Very sad sale as i have loved owning this car.

    Make: Peugeot
    Model 406 Coupe (Rare Manual)
    Year: 2000 first sale, 1999 build.
    It’s a D8.5, which basically means it has the D8 engine but the D9 electrics.
    Exterior: Galileo Green
    Interior Black Leather (best combo)
    Vin: VF38CXFZE80900857
    KM: 285,858km
    Fuel econ (18months data): 9.34L/100km (mixed driving)
    Location: Werribee (Weekends and evenings) or Williamstown (weekdays) - it is driven daily and i take it to country vic without any problems regularly.

    The car runs wonderfully, will chew up a hwy in comfort. It’s had a full respray only a few months ago, don’t be put off the by the km’s it’s a stunning looking and great running car for the money.

    The previous owner racked a lot of HWY km’s which added 150,000 km between feb-05 and nov-09. It was well maintained during this heavy hwy running period with regular services at Regan Motors.


    The car comes with electric + memory heated seats, cruise control, electric mirrors, cargo net, remote central locking, headlight washers, auto wipers, and full size spare alloy.

    I do have all the books which show the car being serviced at Regan motors up until 2/11/2009, just before I owned it. Since I have owned car I have done my own maintenance:
    Mar – 10 Front brakes (brembo’s) Rotors and Pads
    Mar – 10 Rear rotors
    Mar – 10 Bonnet shocks re-gassed
    Mar – 10 Oil, oil filter and air filter
    Apr - 10 4 new tyres, balance, etc
    Apr – 10 Door control for electric mirrors switch
    Apr – 10 Internal Fan control board
    Aug – 10 Both upper engine mounts
    Sept – 10 Fuel Pump
    Jan – 11 Wiper blades
    Mar - 11 Timing belt
    Jun – 11 Oil, oil filter and air filter
    Mar – 12 K&N high flow air filter
    Aug – 12 Drop links F+R replaced
    Sep – 12 new rear bumper and complete respray of the car (every panel done professionally)
    Oct – 12 4 new tyres, balance etc
    Nov – 12 Boot shocks
    Nov – 12 Drivers seat control switch
    Nov – 12 Wiper blades changed to aero wipers which work much better
    Dec - 12 Degassing cooling fluid tank replaced
    Dec – 12 Radiator fluid change
    Dec – 12 Oil + oil filter
    Jan – 13 Engine temp sensor

    + any refills of fluids etc required along the way as per normal.

    Comes with the following spares:
    • Extra key fobs (2 or 3 but there in pieces) all used as the buttons were stuffed on mine, the car will need the use of PP2000 to get the remote locking to work as I had change over the FOB and it won’t reprogram the basic way (lights, window down, etc).
    • Front wheel bearing
    • Drivers side wiper arm (2nd hand)
    • Rear disks brakes
    • 2nd hand throttle position sensor and crank angle sensor.

    Issues with the car (being very honest about its condition, including small cosmetic things)
    • Central mirror has a crack ($75 from the UK wrecker)
    • LHS mirror does not work or fold and the temp sensor is busted (2nd hand unit can be sourced in melbourne).
    • RHS mirror does not fold (as with above i have found a 2nd hand unit in melbourne).
    • Exhaust – it split and it has been welded back together but I would replace. 2nd hand unit can be sourced in Melbourne for a reasonable price.
    • Drivers seat – the release to fold is broke, heating does not work and it has wear on the door side. (2nd hand unit available in Melbourne)
    • Windscreen – Crack on the lower drivers side so will need to be replaced.
    • Front Bumper has a couple of cracks right under the badge, it was plastic welded but it recracked through the respray sadly. Not really noticeable.
    • Rear badge is plain black as the lion disintegrated as happens on these cars, so filled and sprayed over.
    • The clutch has not been changed, they should last forever but be aware its still the same clutch.
    • CD player does not take cd’s and the station buttons are worn. I have the 6 cd stacker out of the car as to be honest it would skip if you ran over a slug.
    • Leather on the steering wheel is worn (does not effect grip) and the foil on the centre lion is lifted in 1 corner.
    • Floor mats are worn, the carpet itself is still very good when mats are removed.
    • Rear boot carpet has a couple of small stains and is as to be expected for a boot carpet with things sliding over it. No tears, etc just pilling.
    • Scratch on the rear bumper from a car park ding, which will be fixed (person responsible paying to respray bumper)
    • Some minor gutter rash on the alloys (body filler, sanding and spray paint will fix it in no time)
    • Gear stick knob leather is worn on the back face... getting into fine detail but i want everyone to know the cars condition as i hate nothing more then buying a car only to find the seller held something back.

    Price: $4750 (Bargin, check out the list price for most of these cars, you can buy a wreck for $5,500)
    No RWC – windscreen is main issue
    No rego, though this can be discussed as it is until 28-Jul-2013

    Any questions please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to view the car:
    Taffy Flynn
    O4O9 48O 6O9
    tflynn(at)internode(dot)on(dot)net – Replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .

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    Added some more interior photos (off my phone this time, didnt have the camera outside when i thought about it).
    If you want to see something specific please let me know.


    Boot with cargo net

    Drivers footwell

    Rear seats

    Pass side footwell

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    Hey All,

    I have signed the contract for my new car today, so this will go on car sales tonight @ $4.9k.
    Fixed pass door mirror and temp sensor issues, so both working. Note: Mirror fold function still does not work.

    Price drop for aussie froggers (want the car to go to a nice home): $4,250 - That is stupidly low.

    Note: Error in the first post, it comes with Rear Disk Brake Pads, no rear disks.



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    Deposit Taken, will update once sold.

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