Up for regretful sale is my 1987 Peugeot 205 gti. I bought it a few months back out of Victoria to register in sydney. After starting a small business I now have no spare time or money so very regretfully I offer it for sale. For its age it is in lovely condition. It has just over 200,000 k's. The interior is great bar a few little issues which most Peugeots have. The glove box hangs down slightly (classic Peugeot) and the top of the back seats have worn. It has a Panasonic head unit and also has speakers mounted in the parcel shelf. There are a few little but insignificant bumps on the body. All the exterior plastics look fine bar a little crack in the front bumper which could easily be repaired. The oil pressure light is on however the problem ha been identified as the sender probe (cheap to fix!!!) It also comes with the Peugeot manual as well as a full Haynes manual. The rear beam has no knocks, no sag and sits at the right height. I took the car for a few quick drives with a mates trade plates and it is very nippy an nimble. So much fun to drive. Very very regretful sale. The car will need to be picked up from mosman on Sydney's lower north shore.
Contact me at james@excelsiorjones.com or 0404435455