A post retirement reality check and domestic rearrangement and consolidation means that my plans to re-commission my Lovely Turbo D Xantia are so far behind to warrant abandonment.


The car was taken off the road when the tyres were low, the brakes would need attention soon, the registration was due and there were some hydraulic issues. The car was not being used much at the time anyway so it was put into hibernation a couple of years ago. It has covered over 300,000km.

It is a white "Image" I think they call it, 1996, and is in very clean condition inside and out. It is not a knocked around family hack by any means.

I bought an identical automatic hatch in quite good condition, 1 owner deceased estate with a wad of receipts with but a seized motor to raid for bits.

Both cars are in Melb South East.

Looking for $1500 for the pair, but will consider separating. The need to sell is not urgent at the moment but would like them gone by early next year.

Any further info call Peter on 0449 743 220 or email diescit19@yahoo.com