Peugeot 504 1972 Mitterrand Sale
Arctic white (Ivory) 1972 Peugeot 504.
Pre tombstone seats with umbrella hand brake and black leatherette (vinyl) upholstery.
Four on the floor manual. Bit of a hybrid the 1972. Standard 2ltr engine, but with pre badged body and dual head lights as opposed to ellipsoidal. I am the third owner since new. The vehicle was purchased in Hobart, and I have discovered that it has done only the original 144,000 miles. Mitterrand (as he was christened) was stored by the original owner, after he retired, for about 7 years in Lindisfarne, Tasmania. Purchased by the second owner as a project, that never took off. I purchased Mitterrand in November 2010 and Mitterrand has been my pride and joy ever since. The vehicle runs very smooth. The 2ltr engine has enough torque to drive around town in third gear with the occasional change to second Ė remembering that I reside in hilly Hobart.
Good Points


  • Very original and serviced by Craig Salmon at Peugeotcarcare in Kingston (Tasmania)
  • Original ownerís manual & workshop manual
  • Registered until December 2012
  • Went over the pit in 2010 to change from Special Plates to general registration (full roadworthy) I use the car as my daily drive.

  • New tyres 90% tread
  • All electrics including; new condenser, distributor, plugs, & ignition coil
  • New thermostat and all hoses, radiator flushed
  • Purflex Oil Filter used for oil changes at 6 months (never get to the recommended kilometres)
  • New indicator/park lens
  • New rear tail light lens
  • New full muffler front and rear
  • New pin striping
  • Interior very good except for tear in driver seat (see photo) Seats are very soft, but supportive, pre tombstone. Cushioning very good, but driverís seat does squeak, until you hit the right position.
  • Carpet good, but could do with replacement to concourse condition
  • Original Peugeot am radio
  • New master cylinder clutch assembly
  • New fuel pump
  • New rocker cover gasket
  • New window regulator and support on drivers side passenger window
  • New door pins & left boot rack
  • New wiper arms and blades
  • New Heavy Duty Battery 2011
  • Tow Bar (only used once since I have owned the vehicle to tow a dual axel trailer)

The not so good

  • Scratch on windscreen on the passenger side
  • Heater doesnít work and too expensive to replace (am told on this model you have to take out the whole dash, and it is from a Peugeot 404, which didnít work particularly well when new)
  • Some small paint has chipped off on drivers side rear panel due to old age of the paint, not rusty. Have covered with matching paint, but does need to be resprayed. (photos attached)
  • Driverís seat needs a patch put on the squab. Have had a quote of $300 to get all upholstery repaired. Doesnít need replacement as leatherette is quite subtle, just needs a repair
  • Small dent in rear beaver panel (looks like someone has put trailer into full lock (photos attached)
  • Mechanic has told me that doors have some rust, internally, which is pretty much the norm on a 504. No external rust on the vehicle.
  • Clock works spasmodically

I have been very fastidious about the car since I have owned it. The car starts first go, every time. Pull choke out to quarter, two pumps on accelerator, and it fires. I have spared no expense on the upkeep, and the last time I looked at my MasterCard I have spent well in excess of $3500. My friends thought I was really going over the top when I used a toothbrush to clean the engine. But you have to do, what you have to do, to get rid of old grease and oil deposits. J
I have taken Mitterrand on a couple of decent trips around Tasmania and have been very impressed by the mileage. With three occupants and their luggage, I still managed to get about 29 miles per gallon (8 litres per 100km) through very windy, twisty roads, where the car was mainly in second and third gear. On the highway at 110 km/h the vehicle is very relaxed and still is in the right rev range to overtake slower vehicles. After my last trip, which was 1500km, Mitterrand used 200ml of oil, so the engine is in very good condition.
Reason for sale
Am moving to Melbourne and want a smaller automatic Peugeot / Renault station wagon or hatch with climate control air conditioning.