Hi fellow Froggers,


We have taken into consideration everyones suggestion to shelve the project, but have decided 100% that we have changed paths.

Hence we now have a complete 1963 R8 in parts to sell. All of those that have already asked for parts will receive PM's soon. 59 Floride, as you were so generous to give us the part we asked for a few weeks back, you can have any bits you require bar those already asked for by others.

The shell is a rare step roof. We are happy to donate this part to anyone who may want it as we could not bring ourselfs to scrap it. So someone please take it off our hands.

The doors all HAD rust in them but that has been cut out and welded up, just need filler and paint.

There are 2 engine covers and all the other panels. Front left gaurd is poor (been in an accident and is very streched, I have shrunk some of the streching out of it but needs more). All other panels are in ok condition, minor rust in some.

Reasonably new set of Koni's all round. Not Gas, oil only.

Original rims (all 5) with brand new Michelin 125 R15 tyres.

R8 1963 Complete Car for sale as PARTS-imag0148.jpg

All the other standard bits.

Please ask all questions first before bidding. Bidders with negative feedback will be removed.

Thanks, Paul & Jodie K