Citren 16 TRS with 19GT engine make an offer
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    Default Citroen BX 16 TRS with 19GT engine make an offer


    I have a 1986 16 trs i think its called but has a 19GT engine that i put in it a couple of years ago. It hasnt been used since early last year. It has a tow bar.

    The bonnet cable is snapped so havent got in there to start or any thing for a while. The carpet might be wet but not sure. The ignition barrel needs replacing. There are two more wrecks here you can get what you want off them and make a nice BX.

    It's loacated near Maleny on the sunshine coast hinterland (QLD), will need to be towed with a truck or trailer. Make an offer, if no one wants it I will be sending it off for scrap metal which would be a shame.


    My number is 0447 154 580. Best sending a text to find out best time to chat seeings reception is not thr best here.

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