FS: 1992 Citroen XM 5spd 2.0L Turbo (UK Import)
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    Default FS: 1992 Citroen XM 5spd 2.0L Turbo (UK Import)

    1992 Citroen XM 2.0ltr 5sp Turbo

    This XM has been in the family since new. A&J Lewis and Euroserve have carried out most work and servicing.

    This is one of very few 4 cylinder manual turbos in Australia. All AU cars were V6 autos. This model was built to deliver comparable performance with lighter weight, greater economy and cheaper registration.

    This is a great looking low-mileage XM with black leather upholstery. Engine and transmission are both good. The odometer shows 147 450miles (237 297km), though its mileage is likely to be more around the 155, 500 miles (250, 000km) mark, as the speedo was out of service for about 6 months.

    The car requires some work for roadworthy, like the suspension mounts needing fairly immediate attention, CV boots, one CV joint starting to make noise when cornering.

    Had last timing belt at 128 474 miles, along with water pump, crank and cam shaft oil seals. More recently, has had a new clutch cable, suspension and brake accumulators, rear muffler, with oil and coolant (flushed) changed today. Rear tyres are good (60-70%), while front tyres could need attention for roadworthy. Have receipts for timing belt, etc, as well as most of the recent work.

    I'm selling the car to go overseas early next year. This is a cheap way into an excellent and rare car for the right person.


    $3, 800

    NEW FARM, Brisbane
    (Currently registered, selling unregistered)

    Dan Lewis
    0422 921 478

    PICS here:
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