Joustra, Peugeot 404, 2-Door Cabriolet in Original Box

Complex battery operated car. Vehicle stops for driver to answer ringing telephone!
Year: c.1961
Description: Incredible battery operated tin litho Peugeot 404, 2-Door Cabriolet (Convertible) manufactured in France by Joustra. Complex multiple actions and everything works great! Rare auto comes complete with even rarer original box. It's the first time I've seen either the car, or the box.


Gorgeous automobile and authentically designed from the 1961-62 model it includes a driver holding a telephone receiver in his right hand. The phone is connected to the dashboard by a metal spring mechanism. Here's how it works.

Insert the European style battery (brand new battery included).
Lever behind driver activates mechanism.
Car moves forward.
Telephone rings (bell located underneath the front hood).
Car stops.
Bell stops ringing.
Driver lifts receiver to right ear.
Driver lowers receiver back towards dashboard.
Car moves forward again and cycle repeats!

Item number: eBay

Hope some one get's it.