Hi all,


I've got 2 peugeots that have issues and I need to get rid of them for whatever I can get for them. They are pretty much only good for parts.

'94 306 XR:
It looks like a demo derby car. No windows, no roof, no doors. All panels bashed in and spray painted. I've removed the instrument cluster, rear windows and back hatch, so these are all available. It still runs, but the radiator is shot so it will only go for about 5 mins at a time. Enough to drive it onto a truck though. Looking for offers of $200 or so.

'97 406:
Still has about a years rego. Leaks oil out the engine seal, speedo doesn't work, aircon doesn't work. Leather seats are still in OK condition, no major dents. looking for $800.

I can take photos of anything your interested in.