Peugeot 504 and 505 doors not opening
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    Default Peugeot 504 and 505 doors not opening

    This happens... there are a number of causes, but mostly it's lubrication of the latch mechanism.

    Common problems that might not be evident can be:

    Broken arm on the outside handle. Door opens from the inside but not the outside... not fun if it's a rear door and the childproof lock is on (small lever visible when door is open).

    Spring broken or missing from lock mechanism... there might be a spring that actually does the unlocking (there are three or four different mechanisms in the models).

    Lack of use allowing parts to become stuck in place.

    There are answers to these problems, and the biggest problem is that the best access to the latch mechanism is from the inside of the door.

    This is an issue because the door trim isn't easily removed (without damage at least) with the door shut.

    For suggestions, please go to this thread...;f=3;t=001571

    I would suggest that drilling out the stud in the doorhandle would be a last option. Always go for the lubrication possibilities first.


    And remember that WD40 and the like are not permanent lubricants... and that regular oils accumulate dust. So perhaps regular lubrication is called for while they're working.
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