thought i might as well post this in here as well

maybe a how to section could be an addition to A/F with pics and procedures for people

or do we already have one ?

just a thought

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now then
from the volvo control box there are 4 wires you need to worry about
at the end of the wire loom from the box there is a white wire and a brown wire
white wire goes to negative side of the coil
brown wire goes the positive side of the coil

not far from the end there are another two wires that come out of the volvo loom from the control box
the blue wire goes to 0.4 side of the ballast resistor
the brown wire goes to the 0.6 side on the ballast resistor
these are both one one side of the ballast resistor
the other side of this you need the yellow wire number 24 from the pug wiring loom

wire number 112 from pug wiring which is green goes to the negative side of the coil and 112A is blanked off also the bigger blue wire that comes out of the loom next to 112A is blanked off as well

you should have a wire from the dissy that has a plug on the end of it with a spring clip on it that one of course plugs into the the other wire from the volvo box

if you need any more help just let me know and i can walk you through the process

now then when you go to put on you electric fuel pumps run the positive wire from the positive side of the coil
that way the pump only runs when you have ignition on
you can run a fuse on there as well to safe guard it if you like
make sure you also put a "T" in the return fuel line with restriction to run any excess fuel back to tank
you can blank the line off if you prefer but i don't do this
if you leave it dangle fuel will run out of it
if you leave it plugged onto the old pump it will pressurize the fuel tank