Since the c-matic became obsolete, it has become an ongoing problem gaining access to Total "T" the fluid recommended by Citroen for use in that type of transmission. History has shown that many non Citroen service mechanics consider the c-matic as a form of automatic transmission with one instance where a transmission "specialist" told the owner that the 'bands' needed adjusting. The c-matic is effectively a manual transmission with a torque converter taking the place of the clutch & operated via an electro-valve (or solenoid) which allows for gear changing.
Recently I spoke to someone who had a problem with changing gears on his c-matic; a condition which came about following a fluid change in the transmission. The owner had contacted a Citroen service specialist to enquire which oil to use & was told to use Dexron 111 which is the fluid used for late model AUTOS which do have bands & require a fluid with friction enhancers aded to get the grip. A c-matic gearbox does not require this feature & in fact this can be detrimental to its operation & life expectancy.
The oil companies recommend "Castrol TQF" or equivalent, which was an auto transmission fluid developed for the very early Holden & Ford boxes and is both cheap ($21 for 4 litres) and easily obtained.
The other alternative is to contact Onshore Oils at Lytton in Brisbane who are Total distributors and who can bring Total "T" in with their next order, usually a matter of around 6 weeks.
Last time they quoted me a price it was $85 for 4 X 2litre bottles (8 litres all up) which was also the minimum sized order.
Could be a thought if two or three need a supply as from memory I think a total refill is around 4 1/2 litres but rarely do you get a complete drain out so 4 is really a marginal figure per car.


Alan S