Just saw a posting elsewhere regarding a DS that has been on fire.
This isn't an uncommon thing with the intake pipe on the Weber Carby having a tendency to pop out without warning & showering everything under the bonnet (including the exhaust manifold) with raw petrol.


On later models, in particular the BX 16 Valve & doubtless the Mi16, the risk is there but from an entirely different source. In this case, the injector seals become hard and tend to split thereby causing a nice fine petrol vapour to spray under the bonnet area just looking for a red hot manifold or an errant spark to ignite it.

Injector seals for these engines are approx. 50 cents each & it's cheap insurance to replace them every two or three years. It takes 9 of these seals to do a complete replacement; that's two for each injector & one for the rail, so for under five bucks you can eliminate the risk. Taking your time, it takes about an hour to do.
I don't know if the 8 valve engine has the same set up but I suspect they do, so take a look & see.

Alan S