Anyone who has ever removed & refitted a drive shaft or replaced a CV boot will know that it's not the cleanest of jobs & some of the greases used can be harder than glue to get off your hands; particularly Moly grease.
Here's a tip I found yesterday that is worth considering. Presently Sollys/Clints warehouses are selling a poly/cotton glove for $3.95 for 6 pairs. By using a pair of those & then covering the gloves themselves with a pair of disposables, you can do this job or any equally as greasy and do like we did yesterday; when dinner arrives, just tear off the disposables, pull off the cotton pair and your hands are still spotless & just as importantly, don't sweat as is the norm with disposable gloves.
Rinsed out, for the sake of hygene, these cotton gloves, covered in the disposables can be constantly reused. Being of the material they are, they also don't restrict movement or feel. I'll be keeping a pair in the car from now on in case of a roadside repair if it ever became necessary.


Alan S