If you have ever wondered how to get cables ( ie stereo/alarm etc) from the inside of your car ( ive only done it in my 306 and a friends one) throught to the engine bay, WITH OUT driling any extra holes. Try squeezing them round the Air Con condesation drain that pukes through the fire wall just to the left of the AC box inside the car.
When you lift away the carpeting and under dash trim you will just notice it. use a torch down there. With a little oil/vasoline round the area, push a rounded end of an open coat hanger through, alowing the rubber to strech around the drain and the coat hanger.
Dont push all through. with electrical tape tie one end on the cable to the coat hanger then use more lube, lots more. Using a third hand ( or mate if your normal ) get him to pull from over to top in the egine bay, itll be behind the baterry, low down the fire wall.
Now with plenty of lube you can start to feed/pull the cable through.
I ve managed to fit huge 4AG dc cable through, and several other cables fo the alarm and etc.
Its been like this for over three years and have suffered no long term
problems and my fire wall has nay extra hole in it.
Try this technique on your doors etc if needed, an im shure it can also be aplied to other cars too.
good luck xqisid


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