Hi all,

I couldnt see any info for the Australian delivered 205GTi and a brake upgrade, all the info seems to surround the later 90kw car.

I was always told the later model brakes (Girling) do NOT fit the early car as the rotors are a different diameter and offset. The offset is different, but the diameter of the rotor from the early cars and the later cars are identical. Just make sure the rotors are from the early series if you get a new set of rotors, you will more than likely be sold the later ones and these will not match up with the hub ofset and the rotor offset.


You will need the later 15" rims to fit over the Girling brake caliper, but if you get the calipers, the mounting bolts from the later brake caliper and the 15" rims, all of this will just bolt up to the early car.

These do work better than the Bendix calipers and stop all the problems associated with the Bendix caliper flogging out the slides and eventually mwanting to lock on to the rotor when you go backwards (rubs and squeaks when going forwards).

Anyway, I have done this to my car and they simply bolt up, but you have to have the later rims or aftermarket rims that have a similar clearance.