undefinedundefinedundefined After recently getting delivery of our car the rear hatch light wasn't working. After finding the bulb had been removed because the switch was not actuating correctly. I decided to close the hatch and find some bits to fix the light. As I started closing the hatch ,one hinge( left) snapped and the gas strut immediately swung the door around to the right jamming the door into the frame. It was nightmarish as I was too far away to get tools, and the more I seemed to straighten up the door the more it seemed it was going to distort the frame and shatter the glass. After some desparate manoeuvering I got the thing shut again. I have now discoverted rust was the culprit and poor engineering to say the least. I have drifted out both hinge pins and replaced them with stainless ones. Seems a shame that these fittings get little attention in manufacture or maintenance.
Just hope the same doesn't occur with the other door hinges. Cheers, Le Bush