Peugeot 405 Series II Heater Cores - Discovered by Alan S on ""
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    Default Peugeot 405 Series II Heater Cores - Discovered by Alan S on ""

    Technical Article - 405 Series II Heater Cores

    Credit to: Bill McNamee
    Source: Peugeot Association of Canberra magazine - ROAR
    Their main site is:


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    A good article. It explains that instead of removing the entire dashboard to get access to the heater core, you can remove the glovebox and get in that way instead. The instructions are for Series II, but I know that you can do the same with the Series I. The Haynes manual, and some Peugeot repairers, say that you have to remove the entire dash - TAKE NOTE - you definitely don't have to. If your repairer says he's going to remove the dash to replace the heater core, take the car somewhere else. Removing the core thru the glovebox is not a big job at all.

    The article says that it's rare for a Series I heater core to fail, but I thought it was quite common.

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    Works very well too. I did two yesterday. Took 2 out put one in anyway. I would still only recomend this job to those with a well stocked grog cabinet, and I recomend before during and after.
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    I was there when Bill actually installed one of these in a Series II 405 last week...

    Then Owen Wuillemin mentioned a further potential problem to me tonight... that overtightening the inlet/outlet fitting can actually cause it to leak as much as undertightening.

    A real can of worms, this one...

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